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TuneCore Music Publishing Administration collects 13 different types of royalties.
Profit from all songwriter royalties.

  • Mechanicals
  • Download Mechanicals
  • Synchronization
  • Streaming Mechanicals
  • Print
  • Ringtones
  • And more!
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Collect ALL Your Royalties with Local Collection Societies and TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

The publisher share** of all the royalties collected by PRS including:

  • All forms of Television
  • All forms of Radio
  • Live music venues and clubs playing recorded music (DJs)
  • Public venues playing – recorded music that can be heard in public
    (shops, offices, pubs, etc)
  • Online – The performance share from:
    • Permanent Downloads
    • Streaming
    • Webcasts
    • Ringtones
  • Theatres and Cinemas
  • International Performance Income

**As the songwriter, you will continue to directly receive the writers share of all performance royalties collected by PRS

…and more!

  • Synchronisation Fees from the licensing use of your music for film, television, video games, advertising, etc.
  • Royalties from the sale of print versions of your music and/or lyrics (physical & digital)

TuneCore Collects Your Money Worldwide.
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A chart describing the 13 different types of royalties TuneCore Music Publishing Administration collects for you.