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When you’re a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and Music Distribution client, your compositions will be available to Music Supervisors for worldwide sync licensing opportunities in TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games, and more.


TuneCore administered compositions have already been featured in projects such as these and many more.

Make Your Music Available to Music Supervisors

The music industry continues to grow and evolve, and sync licensing provides another potentially lucrative revenue stream for musicians. When you choose TuneCore for your music distribution and publishing administration, your compositions will be added to the TuneCore Synchronisation & Master Licensing Database. You will then be able to tap into the potential to collect more revenue from your compositions through sync licensing. If one of your TuneCore-distributed compositions is placed, you make money and chances are good you’ll see more download sales and paid streams, too. All it could take is one major film or television placement to take your music career to the next level.

TuneCore’s In-House Creative Team Supports You

In addition to our exclusive Synchronisation & Master Licensing database, our in-house Creative Team actively searches for compositions with potential for use in TV, Film, Commercials, and Video Games. Our team actively pitches your compositions to some of the most influential tastemakers in the music industry via playlists, monthly newsletters, and even personal notes from our Creative Team.

If a Music Supervisor chooses your composition for a project, TuneCore will negotiate all rights and fees on your behalf to make sure your composition is licensed legally and at the most favorable terms.

Our Exclusive Synchronisation & Master Licensing Database

After login, Music Supervisors will see all time and last week charts ranking the top 200 compositions from TuneCore artists according to iTunes sales reports. The chart can be segmented further into specific genres. Music Supervisors can listen to the compositions and submit quote requests for tracks they think would work for specific projects.

How Music Supervisors Find Your Songs

Music Supervisors can find your compositions by searching for specific keywords in all fields, or by individual artist, genre, composition title or composer. If your composition fits the project needs, a Music Supervisor can add it to a playlist for future reference or for future projects.