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Sell Your Music On iTunes

Want to get your music on iTunes and Apple Music? TuneCore makes it easier than ever to sell your music on every major digital music store you can think of, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, and more, all without taking any of the money you earn.

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How To Sell Your Music on iTunes

Sell your on iTunes and Apple Music in no time - follow these three steps to start making money from your music.


You Upload Your Music to TuneCore

Upload your music, cover artwork, and track information quickly and easily. In addition to iTunes and Apple Music, choose from over 150 additional stores and streaming services, and even add optional pre-orders for iTunes and Google Play.


TuneCore Gets Your Music on iTunes

TuneCore will send your single, album, or EP to every store you've selected. Get your music online sooner than any other distribution service. The faster your music is available in Apple Music and iTunes, the sooner you can start getting playlisted and streamed.


You Get Paid 100%

Every time your music is downloaded on iTunes; every time your songs are streamed on Apple Music. You get paid, and we put every penny your earnings directly into your TuneCore account. TuneCore never keeps a commission from your sales revenue.

Keep 100% of Your Sales
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How to Make Money on iTunes

How to Make Money on iTunes

Earn 100% of the money you earn from downloads on iTunes.

With more than 241 million active users, iTunes is one of the most leading digital music stores in the world. By getting your music on iTunes, you're making it easy for new fans to find and buy your songs. And when Apple pays you for those downloads, we’ll put every penny of your earning directly into your TuneCore account.

Stay control of your career - put your music on iTunes without giving up any of the money you earn.

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Get Your Tracks on Apple Music

Apple Music has quickly become one of the top streaming services in the world, with over 20 million monthly subscribers, plus exclusive content and discovery options. Make sure your music is live wherever fans are listening, and make yourself available to get playlisted or discovered on Apple Music.

Apple Music Connect

Apple Music Connect gives you direct access to your Apple Music profile. You can also connect with fans by sharing exclusive audio, photos, and video. And because TuneCore isn’t a label, you’ll have complete creative control over your Apple Music page.

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Why Choose TuneCore

Worldwide Distribution
Keep 100% of Your Revenue
Daily Reporting
Additional Artist Services

For over a decade, TuneCore has been serving independent artists around the world. We've been dedicated to providing best in class service for musicians everywhere since the beginning. No label? No problem. Take your career into your own hands with TuneCore.

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Other Stores

TuneCore distributes to 150+ digital stores and streaming services across more than 100 countries worldwide, including: