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TuneCore makes it simple to get your songs on YouTube Music and other streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music, all without taking a penny of your earnings. TuneCore pairs your music with your cover art to make your tracks discoverable to fans everywhere on YouTube Music.

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How to Put Your Music on YouTube

TuneCore has made it easy to get your music streaming on YouTube and get paid for those streams. Distribute your songs to YouTube Music today.


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Create an account and upload your songs, artwork, and release information within a matter of minutes. Select YouTube Music and up to 150 other digital stores and streaming services available through TuneCore.


TuneCore Gets Your Music on YouTube

We send your music to every store partner you've selected, and you'll be available for fans to download and stream your release in no time. Your tracks will be available in YouTube as an Art Track faster than any other distribution service. 


You Get Paid 100%

You get paid any time your tracks are played on YouTube Music, and 100% of your earnings go directly into your TuneCore account. We never keep a cut of your streaming revenue.

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How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

Earn every penny of the money you earn from streams on YouTube Music.

YouTube makes your music available on YouTube Music as "Art Tracks," which are videos of your music paired with your artwork and release details. These videos can be easily found in YouTube searches, and shared just like any other video on YouTube.

With over one billion active monthly users worldwide, YouTube is one of the globe's leading video streaming services. By making your music available on YouTube, you are making your music accessible for easy streaming and sharing around the world. And any time YouTube pays you for those streams, you'll see 100% of your earnings directly in your TuneCore account. 


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TuneCore has been advocating for independent artists for over a decade. Since we launched in 2006, it's been our mission to level the playing field for musicians and independent labels everywhere by offering the distribution, analytics, and services to help you grow your career.

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